I’m a social media strategist, digital media consultant and freelance journalist based in New York City.

I have a deep understanding of the modern media landscape and a nuanced perspective that comes from years of working at local newspapers, a real-time newswire and global digital newsrooms.

I’ve led audience teams at Bloomberg and Business Insider, driving double and triple digit increases in audience, traffic and revenue across social platforms.  As Bloomberg’s Global Head of Audience Engagement, I partnered with colleagues from business development and product teams to  build partnerships with Quora, SmartNews and LINE English.

At Business Insider, I oversaw explosive growth on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, trained journalists around the world and bridged the gap between editorial and business development teams. I also oversaw one of the earliest Facebook messenger bots and one of the most successful publisher launches ever on LINE English.

In previous lives, I wrote about business, economics, crime and politics for publications including Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY and the San Antonio Express-News. I’ve followed finance ministers to the Arctic, bankers around Washington and cops to crime scenes. I’ve also done a little bit of TV, quite a few voiceovers and have also written about journalism for organizations including Poynter, the Freedom Forum, the Donald Reynolds Center for Business Journalism and mediabistro.

I travel as often as I can and Instagram only my most photogenic meals. I’m five states and one continent short of my goal of visiting all 50 U.S. states and seven continents.