About Meena

I’m an editorial Swiss army knife with a track record of helping publishers build high-value audiences. My specialties include advising newsrooms on digital strategy and helping journalists upgrade their skills.

I work at the intersection of content, audience and revenue. I understand SEO, am fluent across several social platforms, and have the editorial perspective that comes from years of experience in top newsrooms.

I’ve led global audience teams at Bloomberg and Business Insider, edited for Yahoo Finance, and reported for The Wall Street Journal. I excel at developing strategic partnerships and believe in helping quality journalism reach, reflect, and serve its audiences.

I’ve worked with newsrooms around the world to fine-tune their subscription, retention, and growth strategies. And while I have worked with a few brands on digital and content strategy projects, my passion is news.

As a staff reporter for Dow Jones in Washington, D.C., I covered the 2008 global economic crisis. I chronicled the bailouts of major investment banks, automakers, even a few countries.

As a local news reporter, I covered the evolution of manufacturing from San Antonio to the the southern U.S. border. I wrote about the evacuation after Hurricane Katrina and about economic development in one of the fastest growing regions of the U.S. I collaborated on the launch of niche audience publications, authored a personal finance column, and got comfortable appearing on live television.

I continue to have ink in my veins and am a regular contributor to Fortune, Travel + Leisure, and Real Simple. I speak at and moderate a number of media events each year, conduct a variety of journalism workshops, and absolutely love what I do.

Please reach out if you’re interested in collaborating with me.