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I am a freelance writer, editor and multimedia journalist with nearly a decade of experience working in fast-paced international newsrooms. I specialize in business and travel news and accept writing, editing, web and social media assignments. I also occasionally consult on media strategy and audience engagement.

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USA TODAY: Female Vets Struggle For Jobs

While their peers spent the past decade gaining civilian work experience and professional certifications, Christa Fazio and her military colleagues were on a different track, one now putting them at a competitive disadvantage.

WSJ: Calif. Pot Taxes - Windfall or Buzzkill?

California cities looking to balance their books by collecting taxes on marijuana could find themselves in hazy mess. Even if legalization initiatives across the state pass, collecting taxes from businesses wary of federal prosecution could be tough.

WSJ: G-7 Spars on Financial Regulation

Financial leaders from the Group of Seven countries pledged to continue supporting their economies until a global financial recovery takes a firmer hold. But they have yet to reach a consensus on how to overhaul financial sector regulations.

Express-News: Denim Industry Fades

Cranking out millions of pairs of America's favorite pants a week, El Paso was once the blue jeans capital of the world. But in the past decade, manufacturers have moved elsewhere, leaving only a few small-scale jeans makers. This is one of their stories.

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