From the biggest financial crisis in recent history to free trade, legal marijuana and international politics, I’ve had the opportunity to cover some fascinating business stories from around the world for some of the biggest names in news.

WSJ: Most G-7 Finance Ministers Likely Won’t Be Eating Seal
WSJ: Credit Unions Receive TARP Bailout Funds
WSJ: A Bailed-Out Bank Now Tests Treasury’s Willingness to Step In
WSJ: Treasury Bailout’s Limits on Lobbyists Still Haven’t Taken Effect
WSJ: G-7 Split on Finance Regulation
WSJ: Banks Agree to Foreclosure Moratorium
WSJ: China Set to Buy $50 Billion in IMF Notes
WSJ: Wine Market Makes Case for Free Trade
Marketwatch: Withdrawals by customers ultimately sank Washington Mutual
USA TODAY: Female veterans struggle in jobs market
GlobalPost: NATO protests weren’t as bloody as 1968 Dem convention
Yahoo Finance: How Snapchat found religion
Yahoo Finance: Subscription boxes are all the rage, but will they catch on for legal pot?
Yahoo Finance: Willie Nelson’s weed brand is now backed by private equity 
Yahoo Finance: Proposed Jimi Hendrix marijuana product line could trigger new fight
Yahoo Finance: California’s tax collector wants to bank legal cannabis
Yahoo Finance: It’s legal now, but making money from marijuana in Oregon isn’t easy 
Yahoo Finance: Fed holds rates unchanged amid low inflation, financial tumult
San Antonio Express-News: El Paso says bye-bye to blue jeans
San Antonio Express-News: Mexican truck rolls into the U.S. and the history books 
San Antonio Express-News: Congress slams brakes on NAFTA trucking plan
San Antonio Express-News, Houston Chronicle: Clear Channel may go private 
San Antonio Express-News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Short skirts and power don’t mix